Growing up as the youngest of four in a loud Irish/Italian family in Chicago, Claire Bufalino quickly learned to communicate through honest, funny and often sarcastic storytelling. This translates effortlessly through her music, her own brand of country pop with a unique lyrical wit, which she says “is a result of being the youngest sibling, having low self-esteem in high school, and hiding my emotions behind humor.” The magic of her writing is the product of her Midwestern charm, her playful sarcasm and some millennial pixie dust. And her music is a snapshot of modern youth taken through the eyes of a naive, funny, often cynical young woman.

After graduating from New York University’s Clive Davis Institute and releasing her EP “Boys in Khakis”, Claire headed to Nashville in 2017, where she delved into the community, songwriting and Nashville as a whole.  She soon found a new passion that provided unexpected inspiration for her writing, Tennessee politics.  As she balanced her time between music and volunteering for the Tennessee Democratic Party, a new voice emerged, one that refused to shy away from topics that are often taboo in country music.  And as the product of this time, her new album, Party of One,  is a joyful and unapologetic feminist manifesto.  But as someone who craves nothing less than systemic change, Claire decided to back up all her talk with even more action.  After her album release on July 26th, Claire’s next chapter begins back in Chicago at Loyola University Law School.  She has spent her time in Nashville cultivating her activist spirit through country music. Now she will let that spirit inspire her music.


“Bufalino's witty lyricism and fearless approach to songwriting makes for some pretty great, down-to-earth, brutally honest music.” - Geena Kloeppel (The Deli Magazine)

“She has a stranglehold on bold, women empowering country with a modest nod to the greats who came before her.” - Matt Simon (Ear To The Ground Music)

For any press inquiries, please reach out to clairebufalinomusic@gmail.com